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sorry guys

i didn't find out until thurs. and then friday i spent the night and next two days in bed with this wonderful bronchitis/coff/hack/sneeze/snot thing going around. still coffin up hair balls.

it wasn't all bio. it was a well prepared slide show by a fella named eckardt if i remember correctly and it outlined the use of different forms of energy used in this power using country of ours. waaaay too much stuff to remember but the big day is coming in the next 10 years he says. part of the reason for an accelerated decline is the different drilling techniques we have today. not just vertical but horizontal and pressure. the oil from shale and sand is not included. it would take almost as much energy to get the oil out of sand and shale as it would produce.

there was a scientist with shell who, in 1956, said we would be out of oil in 1970. he was scoffed at by his peers. when did we run out, 1973?

i remember bp said 2003 and has now backed off that but won't speculate, the nsgs says another 40 years. but heck if you were the gov would you alert everyone?

he mentioned bio fron ethanol. we would have to have 340 million acres planted to get bio d and e85 from the land. this would also cause some of the 3rd world countries that we export food to to have a sudden die off of hungry people and there would be a time of chaos and war. as a start he is planting his land up north(hey) with philverts and hybris hazel nut bushes/trees to be abloe to extract his own fuel is necessary.

since we do consume 25 percent of the worlds fuel we are now competing with china who wants to push their economy big time. they have a new exclusive deal with venezuela taking 100% of their crude. so much for the marshal plan and our influence into the world.

in 1979 jimmy carter signed a bill that gives the u.s. pres. the power to go into foreign countries if there is a chance that 'merika will lose any fuel being provided. this includes canada where we get about 15% of our natural gas which is 50% of what they produce. this is the way geo w can justify our little side trip into democray into iraq.

saudi has 25% of the worlds oil, iraq 11, kuwait 9, uae 12 and iran 10. saudi is a huge debtor nation with all the defense stuff they buy and the number of family members who have to be paid for each transaction. kuwait is into our debt for the 1990 thing so that leaves our friends in iran.(what explosion? did you hear thet on the news today?) fear of osama is that with one nuke he can shut off saudi and the oil then goes to 150 bucks a barrel and 5 bucks a gallon.

wish i could remember more. if there is another one, and there might be one next month, i will get the word out sooner.
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