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YM: A "bushing" doesn't make sense to me. There is the actuator arm on the actuator, on the arm is a "ball". The linkage snaps over the ball, the other end of the linkage has a similar snap on it, it attaches to the throttle linkage. I believe the linkage is only available as an assembly, I don't think the ends of the linkage are available seperately. I wouldn't refer to any of these parts as a "bushing", so i am still unsure what this "bushing" is that was ordered. I am also confused about what the relation of the actuator is to the jerking, in that why it would need to be replaced to fix this particular complaint. If the linkage is binding, it could cause this complaint, but all they would need to do at the most is remove the piece of linkage and put a small squirt of high-temp bearing grease to lube it up. If they were really lazy they could spray some penetrant on the linkage ends. It is more common for a bellcrank to be stiff and causing the cruise to jerk. In extreme cases I have seen worn bushings on the bellcrank that needed to be replaced, but usually the bellcrank can be disassembled, the pivot pins cleaned up and lubed and put back together and be good as new. again, there are bushings on the bellcranks, not on the linkage or actuator......Gilly
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