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We bought the car privately last November. Drove it with the windows up and couldn't hear the tapping. He said it burned "some" oil. Truth was that it burned about 1qt. per 3-500 miles. The tapping is getting worse each day. Our mechanic said that the lobe on the #1 cylinder is wearing and consequently, the rockers need replacing. I Think for the money once the head is apart, I should replace all of them? Lifters as well. The car has 178,000 miles on it. The whole head has to come out to to the valve guides and I should do the seals as well. Possibly even the valves. I don't know for sure but this is what he recommended. I was just wondering if this is something that someone with some engine rebuilding experience can handle? I think by doing it myself I would save about $1300.00. Money I could use.


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