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Similar Issues w/91 560 SEL

I've had the accumulators and hydro-pneumatic shocks replaced but it stills rides quite rough. I read a post by orlie detailing replacement of the accumulators. Thinking that air in the system might not be a good thing, I loosened the flexible rubber line running from the accumulator to the hydro shock( Both sides!). The fluid that was emitted was remarkably foamy reminding me of a pour of Guinness stout. I loosened the bleeder on top of the leveling valve and the fluid showed no signs of air bubbles, exactly like you would expect to see from bleeding a break line.

The self leveling mechanism does not work and its ride like a haywagon (I'm from Iowa, hay wagon's have straight axles with no springs). With the engine running, I moved the leveling valve arm in both directions holding it for 30+ seconds with no movement whatsoever.

Is it reasonable to surmise that the observed foaming was due to air, and that the air is being compressed to the point where the shock just sits in the fully compressed state and has no opportunity to lift or cushion?

What would cause air bubbles in those lines but not @ the leveling valve? How does one bleed those lateral lines?

Thoughts always welcome
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