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There is a lady (originally from Europe) here locally that drove one of these a while back. It was a 280 SEL (early to mid 80s). What I thought was so odd about hers was the fact that it was a manual shift! I had never see a long wheelbase S-Class Mercedes with a manual shift, but after further investigation, I found out it was indeed possible.

She now drives a 2004 E-Class and the 280 SEL resides in her driveway, beside of another Mercedes. She does not drive the 280 SEL anymore- it is ruining on the drive.....

As far as pricing goes, I have been told that the local 1985 500 SEL that I was considering was way overpriced at $5500 and it had 152K, so I imagine that $4400 for a 280 SEL with 169K would be also.....
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