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High pressure switch

When replacing the high pressure switch put in the latest version and not the original green colored one as the temp for the fan to come on is too high. Use the red, which is a lower temperature, and there maybe a newer one than that available now. The sooner the fan comes on the better for the hot summers you have in Alabama.

For others interested:
The seat belt retractor gear in aluminum is availble from Autolux, Inc. in Dana Point, Ca. The phone # is 949-493-5578. They also make sunroof gears, 126 window lift sliders, seat adjustment handles for 115, 116, and 126, AC diaphragm replacement units, and 108, 109, 113 heater handle levers. Also they make shift gate covers for 230, 250, 280 SL, 280SE/S 300SEL, 350SL and some others.

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