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Headrests (300 CE)

Gilly & Vinamg,

Regarding the headrests...

I played with them this evening and each seems to have their own individual personality! The driver's headrest will not go all the way up. Like Vin suggested, I raised the headrest all of the way up and tried to push it down; it would not budge. I lowered the headrest via the control switch and although it did not lower the headrest, I heard the gear and motor turning inside the seat. I then pressed down on the headrest and it budged. What's got me is that the driver's headrest only moves 2-3 inches up.

The passenger headrest goes all the way up, about 4-5 inches. Again, it will not lower until I lower the switch and then I can press the headrest down.

So, do I need the new part Vin described as the "track with the small box, which is the lock and release mechanism for the headrest?"

Thanks so much for all of your help!

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