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I checked the impact of pulling fuses #5 and #9 on the response of the gauges and lights when the ignition is on, but without starting the engine:

------------------------with all---with #5----with #9
------------------------fuses in---fuse out---fuse out
Fuel Gage------------------N---------N---------N
Low Fuel Light-------------Y---------Y---------N
Coolant Gage---------------Y---------N---------Y
Low Coolant Light----------Y---------Y---------N
MPG Gauge------------------N---------N---------N
Turn Signals---------------N---------N---------N
Turn Signal Indicators-----N---------N---------N
Oil Pressure Gage----------N---------N---------N
Low Oil Pressure Light-----Y---------Y---------N
High Beam Indicator Light--Y---------Y---------Y
Washer Fluid Level Light---N---------N---------N
Bad Bulb Indicator Light---N---------N---------N
Low Brake Fluid Light------N---------N---------N
Air Temp Indication--------N---------N---------N
Low Battery Voltage Light--Y---------Y---------Y
ABS Light------------------Y---------Y---------Y
SRS Light------------------Y---------Y---------Y
Check Engine Light---------Y---------Y---------Y
Seat Belt Warning Light----Y---------Y---------N

Seems like with so many things not working that the circuit board is a good bet. Either that or I'm trying to talk myself into it!


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