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Got in my 560 yesterday and it turned over kinda slow. Got half way to work and my A/C got hot. I thought to myself "primitive climate control" cause it is and then it shut off. My tach started jumping around and half my idiot lights came on. My window moved real slow. It was like close encounters of a 3rd kind. Drove a couple miles to work and backed her in my spot. Shut her off and turned key on, nothing, not even a buzzer. Took out the battery with my trusty MB toolkit and went to autozone and got a nice new battery. Pluged her in and everything came on line. lights went out, tach worked, even my radio presets were good. What is cool is that the entire car shut down to keep it running. For as primitive as the computer is in this 89, I was impressed. i was also impressed that it broke down and only cost me $60. So next time you see a movie and all the guages are going haywire and a bright light comes down from space, probably just the battery on the fritz.
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