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Thanks for the welcome!

Thank god I found this site! It's great to have a community of benz owners to chat about this and that...

Mbenz, I have some wires sticking out of my glove compartment and I sure would like to remove it.... (I left my portable CD player in there..) Yup... it doesnt open even if it is locked or what... Where can I order the cover (inner and outer part.. the cover and the locking mechanism)...for that low price? I think they will be charging me over 500 here.
about the recirculator solenoid thing... I figured that the cost was too much to just replace the darn thing. But the hum from the central locking vacuum pump does kinda get annoying after a while.. and I figure may cause premature wear to that component. Can that recirculator solenoid be accessed through anywhere like the glove box? How is it removed?

DavidCClasse... I dont know where the OVP or fuel pump relays are located. I might ask another mechanic to take a look at it... but where I'm at, service for mercedes benzes is not really top notch. I am in GUAM all the way across the Pacific Ocean... they closed the MB dealership here. And I dont know if anyone really knows how to work on these cars. There is one guy I know, but I havent brought my car in for any major problems to him yet. Anyway... I will try for all that I can since my resources are limited out here.
i swear. It's hard to get good service out here... I dont know why... we aren't a poor country...but i guess it's because of the small size of the island. oh well.. anyway... thanks for all your responses.
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