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Not solved...

1) First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for attention you pay to my problem. Before this I've visited ALL of the Russian MB sites/forums and no one EVER ANSWERED!

2) Secondly, I must say I'm sorry for my English. 3 years of school - that's all.

3) That's will not be a solve I THINK right now, because we tried all of things like that. Reading articles on K-Jet I not only looked for a solutions, but tried to understand all principles. Mixture is not the problem I think, because we even tried to add or remove (I have no dictionary near me and I don't know how it called...) thin and thick circles (0,1 mm and 0,7 mm) in primary pressure regulator (I think it is named so), which is located in fuel distributor.

Next. When it starts up, I must press accelerator so deep to keep it running...

BUT! We will try to follow your instructions and later (tomorrow I hope) I'll describe what happened.

4) I wrote down ALL of the numbers I can. But I left them in garage. :-( One thing I remembered - 116985 is the engine number.

5) More details came: when two "repairmens" :-) tried to solve the problem, they screwed out the control pressure regulator. And then they disapear. After a month of a chase they gave it back. BUT, Anatoli (that's my wife father's name) was surprised - there was MADE IN FRANCE stamped on it. It is BOSCH, but he didn't remember that string to be there...

All the rest including the number of pressure regulator I will post later tomorrow.

P.S. BTW, I have 5 photos of my engine. I've made them with Kodak Digital Camera for one person in Russian INet, who wanted to help. After he read all my letters and saw that pictures he never wanted to help no more...
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