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Hi all,
does anyone here know if theres any good "repair/handbooks" on the market?
English, Swedish, German, all are intrested.

Japp, I have a few problems with my "big one"
Copy of my other "post":

Hi everyone,
I have some problems with my "big one"....

Bad on low revs, engine is working but must have some throttel otherwise it dies.
It is sending out an laud ticking noice, this noice started one year ago, at that time it came and went, now itīs worse and constant.
The cam-shaft looks okay but I am an amatuer.
Compressiontest on the five front cylinders is around 10, and the sixth has around 6. This cylinder had 7-8 when some oil were poured into it before testing.
I think it drinks coolant, white smoke and always some dripping at the exhaustpipes, I cant see coolant leaking.

My guess:
Vents have the hydrolic thightening, and I think that these are faulting on one or two cylinders.
The "topp" (the cylinders roof with all the vent and cam-shaft) is leaking the compression.

I have the "big one" standing nice on the lot, plenty of time...but I donīt really know what to do...

Any help are welcome

Tobix, Sweden
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