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when I had my car smogged, the first time it failed the test. The guy at the test station told me, let me run it again, sometimes after the car has been sitting for a while and then they start the test it will fail. (my car had been sitting for 30 minutes before they got around to test it.) So I guess not everything was fully warmed up.

After he ran it again, it passed with flying colors well below the maximum allowed readings.

I always go to this test station with my cars, ACC on Robertson Blvd near national. They are a test only station, and have yet had a car not pass. the guys there know how to do the test, and if it fails they won't try to send me to some mechanic for repairs.

If my car did fail, I'd just drop it off at my mechanic, and have him get it smogged for me so he could adjust it if need be.

My car too runs great.

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