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It was an overall bad experience. First, I had an appointment and the work still took over fours hours to complete during which time they stripped the glove box screw and broke the glove box strut. They returned the car and didn't tell me about any of this...luckily I opened the glove box to store the receipt and it plopped open. After telling the service manager, he promptly had it "fixed" and again returned the car. I opened the glove box three times before it failed again. The sevice manager said they would have to order the part and it would be available in two or three days. BTW, they put in the same stripped head screw.
Not so much as a "we're sorry" for the inconvienence or anything. I'll get them to fix it but after that I'm not planning on having them service the car except for warranty items. I paid $310 for the service (I supplied all the parts and oil)...the bill was not my main complaint...their attitude was.
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