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Angry 1986 Mercedes 300E Fuel Problems...

1986 Mercedes 300E 6-Cyl (125000K Miles)
I hope someone can really help me out with this expensive problem:

My car's economy guage is reading all the way to the red, which indicates that it is using way too much gas. I just changed out the fuel distributor(used) last night, and still it reads to the red, smells like gas, and now won't even turn on unless I slighty push down on the throttle air passage hole (brass circular platform, opens and closes the air passage) and give it a little bit of gas. I turned the oil cap and opened the valve cover to smell any burning oil or gas, it smells like gas, not even like oil anymore. It is burning too much gas. I have no idea what to think or do next. Might it be the Fuel Regulator? Fuel Sending Unit? Or do I need a new engine? The car was working fine (it smoked a little from sitting a long time on the driveway) and never did this. This happened from one day to the other, and I have had it with the car and the awful gasoline smell. Please email me back at or reply to the thread. I will greatly appreciate any angel of God who can give me a solution to this problem. I have had it with putting money and time into the car. My next objective will be to take it to an open field, light it on fire, and enjoy a cigarette while I watch the f*cking thing blow to shreds. So please, can anyone help me out? If you need a better and more detailed explanation of the problem with my car, email me and I will be more than delighted to give you my phone number.

Again, I want to thank anyone who is able to help me out with this problem.

In Regards,
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