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The bigger question is.... is the water getting into the rear floor area, and how can I prevent it in the future? Easter Sunday was the first incident, and each day I've attempted to soak up the water, hoping it would dry out. It appears that the water may actually be contained somewhere else, and is slowing and continuosly leaking in and re-filling the floorboard area. Could there be some contained space which filled up and is acting as a reservoir which is slowly emptying into the floorboards? I'm scheduled for a service appointment next Wednesday, but hoped for some possible explanations to help them permanently "fix" the problem, as well as clean it up and get the power seat operating correctly again. What about the rocker panel? It appears to have a rubber drain outlet located almost directly beneath and adjacent to the rear floorboard area. Could it be filling up and spilling into the back floor? And, if so, what is the fix?
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