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Got in the car yesterday morn. waited for the glowplug light to go out,hit the start,she sounded like she would go and didn't. Now it just cranks, checked volts to glow plugs (new last year) and it's there. (10.3VDC) Tried today and same thing, only if I hold the accelerator pedal to the floor, she tries to start but can't pull it off. Sounds like it's out of gas, could the fuel filter be clogged? It's been on for about six months (15,000 mi.) What can I do myself, besides call a tow truck? My dealer really sucks, had this car in last week for a rough idle, they said they could not duplicate! Week before for a noise in the front end ( two trips) could not duplicate, I fixed it, it was sway bar bushings. So you see why I can't trust them.
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