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Problem: When car gets warm (after driving it 10 or so miles)it sarts acting up by hesitating and loses power to the point that it is hard to go over 40 or so miles/hour.
The car spent the last week in the local independant mercedes and BMW shop (Very good mechanic). The following things were done to it: New Points, condensor, plugs, fuel filter and trigger points and fixed injectors wiring. The mechanic did the best he could and checked the car very thouroughly. The trigger points were the last thing he changed. Mechanic wanted to make sure it was the problem before changing them. Well I got the car back two days ago. The car did not sound the same, maybe timing was a little off and the car did not feel and have the same power as before the problem started. Today, while driving from work to home, about a 20 miles drive, the car started acting up again as nothing was done to it. I really don't mind putting new plugs, points,condensor, fuel filter but it seems that the trigger points were not the problem as suspected by the mechanic from the beginning. Trigger points were $230.00 plus $55.00 for putting them in. I hope he will install my old one back.
Regardless, has anyone out there has had this problem? and wonder what the fix is.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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