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Hey gang,

The other day I was monkeying around with the vacumm lines on my '83 300SD. I was comparing them to my buddy's '83 300D which is having trouble with door locks, brakes, run on, etc.

I would disconnect one of my lines and put my finger over it and see if it sucked and then do the same thing on his car and compare results. Highly scientific stuff here.
Before I did this, I had the "normal" hard shift from 1-2 and 234 was smooth. Now my car shifts hard through all gears. There is vacuum at the modulator valve. That is, if the modulator valve is that thing on the drivers side of the transmission with a vacuum line running to it.

Second question (big dummy type):
Where is the vacuum pump? I have a 300SD but I only have a 300D Haynes manual. Can't find a picture in there. Is it that thing on the front of the engine with a metal and plastic line that runs back to the brake booster?
I ask this because I could not feel any vacuum on my buddy's car and want to troubleshoot in a linear fashion.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. I was at least able to fix his tachometer problem thanks to info on this site!

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