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yea man, i have had a gas leak on the EHA Valve (the black computer box connected to the fuel distributor) through the tiny holes it has on the back. I changed out the fuel distributor and bought a used one(non-leaking), put it on, and still, my car doesn't wanna crank! I returned the fuel distributor and put my old one back, and bought a new battery as well (the battery i had on the car before was bad and barely started the car [525 ca]). STILL, NO CRANK!

At first, I thought it was the Fuel Pump, but I turn the key and I can hear the fuel pump pumping the fuel to the engine. My guess is that it's ok. Second, I took out the spark plugs and checked them out. They are black and stuffed with black carbon (I think it's more like gas build-up). The ignition coil is fine, distributor cap and rotor are both new, spark plugs are all sparking, and new 875 ca DuraLast battery has been placed in. I don't know what else to do guys. I am most likely going to take it to a MB Diagnostician in a few weeks. However, if I can get some other advice from someone here as to what to check, buy, or try next on the car, I'd rather take your word(s) for it rather than paying the $200 they are asking JUST to inspect my 300E and tell me what is wrong with the piece of *****!


PS: As far as the leaks, the only fuel leak I can identify right now is through the EHA Valve. It's also got an oil leak (pretty big leak) between the head and valve cover. However, I dont think it's the fuel distributor leak because when I put the other one in there, which did not leak at all, the car still would not crank. I am starting to get the feeling that something in my Injection system is messed up. By the way, where could I find this vaccuum leak you're talking about? How do I get to it?
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