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My 1998 C-Class (W202) recently started making a strange noise. It is a low, dull, fast chugging sound from the rear of the car. The noise is particularly apparent above 55mph. The tempo of the chugging increases with speed. The noise goes away completely on braking.

Also, when the car is creeping forward on a light footbrake there is a scrape/knock noise from the rear, once every turn of the road wheels.

I took the car to the dealer last night and the tech diagnosed warped rear discs (rotors). Makes sense to me. What do you think?

The car has 47,000 miles. What causes discs to warp?
Can I safely drive the car until it is fitted with new discs next Wednesday, in which time I will do about 200 miles? (The tech said vibrations would start to be felt in the car and I have noticed that this morning).
I take it that I should also have new pads fitted.

As ever, thank you for your comments.
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