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My car has 126 000kms and still has the original belt which is quite dry and cracking all over. I'll be getting this problem fixed in the next 20 days at the latest. I would like to know just what to expect in terms of cost, tips on things related that I should also consider etc... My dealer quoted me around $200 Canadian without the tensioner for the job. Is this resonable? Also when I changed my own oil for the first time I noticed some oil sludge coming from the front end of the block near the housing for the timing chain. It is near the top of the cylinder head. I looked at the coolant at it seems to be in excellent condition. It is clear and smells fine, possibly a touch acidic.

Anything seem out of the ordinary?

Much appreciated guys, thank you

Mike McKinney
190E 2.6 - 244 000 km
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