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Yes the one with the red top in the middle of the photo is the OVP relay. Have you checked the fuse to make sure it's OK?. And yes, to the left is the Fuel Pump Relay. I went through a couple of them in a few months. If the fuel pump isn't operating correctly, it can put an undo load on the Fuel Pump Relay, and eventually burn it out. Only until I changed the fuel pump did the problem finally cease.

Try this. The fuel pump is located under the car directly beneath the back seat area of the car. With the engine running, get on the ground (really no need to crawl too far under the car) and listen to the fuel pump. A normal fuel pump should be no louder than the hum of a small electric motor. The hum should also be constant without sputtering.

If the fuel pump is loud than it may likely be heading south on you. Prior to replacing mine, I could actually hear it was while I was driving. It was loud and laboring.

Again, if the fuel pump is struggling to get fuel to the engine, it's placing an added strain on the Fuel Pump Relay, and will likely head south as well.

Let me know how it goes.

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