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External hood release

I have often read on various MB boards about opening the hood once the hood release cable is broken. From what I have seen on both my MBs it is virtually impossible to open the hood from the outside without doing real damage. Aside from replacing the hood cable every time you change your oil I don't know of any way to prevent a cable break. I do know how to make an external hood release that will save you when your cable does break.

To install the release:
1. Remove the hood latch mechanism by removing the 4 Philips head screws.
2. Remove the clip that holds the hood release cable to the hood latch.
3. Bend a loop, about 1/2-5/8" dia., in both ends of a thin piece of wire.
4. Bend one loop at 90 deg. to the wire.
5. Slip the 90 deg. loop into the clevis on the latch end of the cable.
6. Refit the hood latch to the cable.
7. Run the wire down the driver's side behind the grill and in front of the radiator so that when the grill is closed you can put a screwdriver through the loop and pull towards the outside of the car.
8. Try out your new hood release.
9. Go wash your hands and revel in your success.

Obviously this can allow anyone to open your hood from the outside if they know the release is there. The wire comes out very close to the bottom of the grill and is virtually impossible to see from the outside.
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