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I've replaced my Fuel Distributor (cost heaps!). Replaced 2 Injectors (6 still OK). Changed Fuel Filter. Replaced Idle Speed Actuator(idle speed controller).
My idle speed is now sitting at 900 RPM Nuetral(used to be 1300 RPM before). It's also sitting around 900 RPM when the transmission is engaged. Is this normal?
When I shift from D to N and then to R, the engine surged from 900 RPM to 1500 RPM before finally settling back to 900 RPM again when in R.
This made the car jerk quite harshly during shifting and I could hear a dull knock on the transmission when the RPM settled back after engaging (or am I imagining this sound).
Am I looking at another major repair soon? I'm about as broke now after the last service.
Also, will a faulty fuel pump caused rough idling, ocaasional misfiring and hard starting. I ask this because a loud buzzing noise is coming from the pump and I'm experiencing these problem now too.
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