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Well, here's a topic I'm well versed on. Lets see how many questions I can answer on it. On "free" maintenance, it started in model year 2000, maintenance is free during the maintenance period. Peter, the instructions for resetting the FSS are in the owners manual. The drivers door has to be shut to do it, so get in and shut the door and follow the instructions, it WILL do it, it takes practice. At our dealership, I don't think anyone really gives a crap if you bring your own parts. The fact you have them wouldn't be "removed" from the bill, just not "added" to the bill. Also, Peter, one thing to consider on the oil change interval is that the engine holds 8 1/2 quarts of oil, that is an awful lot of oil to hold contaminates, so keep that in mind. The engine does have an oil level and quality sensor, I think it is a good system. No reason to not go over at least 8000 miles anyways before changing it. Car Nut, no idea why they would be replacing the air filter in your car, not at the dealership anyways, not due until 60000 miles. Kuan, on the example you gave on the brakes, they may be able to give a small discount on a B service, as the tires are to be rotated, but not THAT much. Should be under 1 hour to do the pads anyways, and I don't know what the labor rate is there, but wouldn't add up to possibly save $150. Maybe I misunderstood the statement. Finally, Blackmercedes, I can certainly sympathize with having a bunch of stuff missed. Some guys just view the whole process (techs I'm talking about) as some kind of gravytrain to be taken advantage of. Some stuff they have on the list of things to do seem like real BS, if I had the list here I could point them out. But a good tech really should be looking around for problems developing, that's what it boils down to. And I sure wouldn't want to criticize a tech for doing this, especially a car under warranty. Sure the dealership is going to get the work, but it's better than not saying anything. Next thing you know the car is out of warranty and the owner gets stuck with the repair bill. So, you just have to remember, the service is only as good as the tech doing the work....Gilly
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