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Does anyone know if you can just drive up to an emissions test place and pay them to do a full emissions test, even on a car that doesn't need it?

It would almost be worth the money for me to run a tank of pure #2, and get my numbers tested, then run a tank of B100 and get my numbers tested again. The people at the station would probably look at me like I was crazy, but it would be nice to have some numbers for my vehicle.

Diesels do well on everything except NOx and particulate matter. But when urban communities are concerned about pollution from diesels, it is typically the PM (and the hydrocarbons stuck to it) that are the health concern, hence the crude opacity test.

Here in MO, there is no testing required for diesels of any size.

EDIT: Just answered my own question, here in MO, the state testing stations don't even have equipment that can handle diesel testing, so they couldn't test my vehicle even on a voluntary basis. There has to be some private place that does it though, hopefully for cheap.

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