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Thank you all guys for your responses so far. The job for me seems to be a tad advanced. My tools are limited as is my confidence in this area. I've only done one oil change by myself. I will take a stab at doing the coolent myself though. I was wondering how much to replace the bent, tensioner and shock? I was quoted on the belt only, installed for $200 Canadian dollars. Anything else I'm missing guys? The sludge itself is at the front portion of the block, behind or around the timing chain cover. It has dripped down and when I took off the belly pan, I could see the oil has leaked down to the oil pan. Coolent still seems ok but, still obviously I'm scared about it being the cylinder head leaking oil.

At this time the serpentine belt seems more important as it makes noise and is clearly worn out. What is a fare price?
190E 2.6 - 244 000 km
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