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Gregg Bambo Jr
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Before I consider the expense and time of an engine swap, be it M130, GM or Ford, for my sluggish 1963 M127, I am thinking about having my cam reground. Advice from a friend stated that automakers cam grinds are a compromise and his cars performance was dramatic after having his cam reground by an expert. My problem is that my MBZ maintenance manual completely skips over a discription of cam removal and installation. In looking at the manual pictures it appears that after setting the engine up at #1TDC, it should be a simple procedure of just disengaging the cam chain drive sprocket and unbolting the rocker arm platforms. Is that an oversimplification or should I have an expert with special tools remove the camshaft? Although I have personally overhauled a 1964 Jaguar 3.8 six cylinder engine, I have never worked on a Mercedes engine before.
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