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Are there settings that allow mechanics to override the driving history / oil monitoring features of FSS?

My '99 E430 used to show a big difference between miles driven, and miles to next service according to FSS. That is, the FSS miles to next service would appropriately vary up and down as I drove my car between service intervals. The 10,000 mile initial value and subsequent readings would change to fit my driving and oil quality.

More recently, since I had my car serviced by another dealer, the FSS miles to next service reading seems to move in lockstep with miles driven. That is, after driving 3600 miles, it will say 6400 to next service...

I, being a suspicious sort, think that the servicing dealer may have changed the settings on FSS to NOT vary the reading based on driving style and oil quality, but to simply count down from 10,000 miles.

My current dealer says its not possible. Perhaps I just have too much time on my hands! In any case, if anyone has any knowledge, please advise; as I am left with the sense that my FSS is not monitoring anything.

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