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Gregg Bambo Jr
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M127.984 engine cam

Thanks for the helpful advice gents. I'll make contact with Elgin Cams and find out what their grinding/finishing process is and whether they have a lobe grind that will help me any. My fuel injected 6 cylinder engine only has 85,000 miles on it and runs as smooth as a fine watch in level cruise. Again the annoyance is a lack of performance going up a grade requiring me to downshift, to keep up with the traffic. By the way "dswnfrd", the manual illustration for my engine shows the only surface contact that the cam lobe has, is making contact with the off center top of a rocker arm and the rocker arms tip makes contact with a spacer and adjustment assembly as opposed to any type of lobe contact with a lifter. Now I'm off to the garage to take a compression test.
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