Thread: FSS Override?
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I've never heard of this problem/comment before. I have never heard of the ability to configure FSS in this manner, either, nor can I think of a good reason why anyone would want to start messing with the settings on your car in this manner. I am going to review some of the printed matter at work and maybe there will be a similar FSS car I can go in and see what exactly you can change. Only a couple things come to mind, and that's the base mileage setting and the base time setting. I also know you can reset a FSS reset that was done in error, and today I had to change the mileage to the next service as I had forgotten to do it a month or 2 ago. But as far as changing the parameters for FSS calculation from oil quality/level and engine managment inputs and mileage and time, to a simle mileage countdown, that I've never heard of, but I'll check on Monday...Gilly
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