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one effect of redlight panic stops is that you can warp your rotors. One cause of rotor warpage is that the rotor does not uniformly cool down across the entire surface because the part covered by the brake pad remains hot while the other parts are exposed to the air and cool down faster.

what i do is after hard braking to a stop (as against hitting the brakes on the highway but continuing on), is to move the car a little forward just to expose that part of the rotor so it can also cool down.

but the best way is to avoid it and slow down gradually. In my case because i have a 5spd manual, i can use engine braking as well. It is also satisfying to slow down way before the red light and conserve some speed until the light turns green - this, especially if you have a 5spd manual.

having said that, i've panic-braked a number of times on the red light. The tires were screeching while threshold-braking under ABS, but because the Benz has anti-dive geometry up front and anti-lift at the rear, it keeps its poise. So what to do after all that drama and people staring at you? Just look like nothing ever happened! ;-)

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