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The price seems a little high on the belt jog to me also, but in Canadian dollars, someone said equals $127 US, seems a little closer. I think at a dealership, they may get as much as 50 or 60 dollars for the belt. If they aren't opposed, you could save some by buying the belt elsewhere. I am unsure what the labor cost is there. Maybe you could ask how many HOURS they charge for the job. Shouldn't be much more that .6 to .8 hours. On the oil leak, first let me set a few things straight. This is a 190E 2.6, that is the 2.6 liter (litre?) version of the 300E motor, yes they are both 103 motors. The 103 has a reputation for leaking oil at what is called the front cylinder head cover lip seal. It sounds like that is what you have going on. You will see oil in front of the cylinder head, it leaks down the right side of the motor. To really tell, look at the front of the motor where the metal pipe that leads to the right heater hose runs. The ledge that the metal pipe bolts to, if that is getting oily, I am sure it is the lip seal. It is a rather time consuming job, about 3 hours for a decent MB tech to do. The parts are minor, you'd need the valve cover gssket, the lip seal itself, and maybe a "radial" seal, it is a round seal in the cylinder head front cover that the rotor bracket runs through, it could have some minor leakage also. There is a metal to metal sealant that has to be used to bond the cylinder head front cover to the front of the cylinder head, be sure to specify that they use Loctite 5900 to seal this area, it works the best........Gilly
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