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steve hutson
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I know the feeling. I left the dealership "system" long before the warranty was out on my car because of the bad attitude of the service writers, the fact that my car always either came back damaged or with the original problem not fixed, over filled oil, etc. I'm rambling because my list of complaints is so long that it would bore everyone, but I have to include the one where the service manager accused my wife of cheating the dealer by keeping the rent-a-car over the wekend! Who in her right mind wants a pontiac when your brand new $40,000 MB is sitting ready in the shop? They never called when it was ready! No apologies were ever made for their mistakes! Even the time someone dented the driver's door by closing it with the heel of his hand. "It happens a lot" I was told.
Never once did I meet an actual tech except after we took delivery of the car. I had to wonder if they subbed the work out when I got the car back with the coolant reservoir cap missing. Why did I feel compelled to look under the hood after spending a premium for dealer service? because I couldn't afford not to.
I fully realize that one or two dealerships do not represent the whole, but I can only go to the dealers in my area, or choose an independent. I also think thst the service writer system is bad customer service by definition.
Imagine going to the dentist and telling the receptionist that your tooth hurts, and then the dentist starts pulling teeth on that person's recommendations. I know it is not that bad, but my experience was the worst customer service experience I've had with any product ever.
Btw, the service rep did tell me that I could bring my own
oil for the oil changes since he knew that some MB owners wer picky about that.
Anyhow, like I said at the beginning, I know the feeling.
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