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Whenever I pass over a sharp bump I get a clunking sound from my 1987 300E. I looked under the car thinking it might be the exhaust banging against the frame. Rather it seems to be from the mounts that hold the rear end gear box (center pot) to the undercarriage of the car. The rubber mounts or grommets are worn and it appears as though metal is hitting metal when I hit a sharp bump. They are attached with Allen head bolts.

Does anyone know if these mounts are easily replaceable and what the procedure is to remove and replace them? The procedure appears to be: the rear gear box must be held up with a floor jack and the Allen bolts then removed from the mounts. There then remains a metal collar that the bolt passes through and a rubber sleeve around the outside of the metal collar.

There are grooves molded into the metal collar that I suspect might be for attaching a special tool so that the collar and rubber sleeve (mount) can be screwed out from whatever it is attached to... the beam of the undercarriage or the gear box.

If I am correct in my analysis so far... what tool do I need to get the old mounts out and to replace them with new ones.

Smiles and thanks in advance. Also does anyone know the part number for the mounts so that I can order them from this web site?


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