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I tried to check the voltage on that while both cranking the car and while running. Neither times did I get a reading, but frankly I'm not sure if my connections were proper considering I didn't have the right pig tails to tap the connector properly.

I thought about applying voltage but I seem to remember that most injectors with those connectors use 6 volts, so I resisted. I also checked the car that was running properly and didn't find voltage there either so I wasn't sure how the system actually functioned.

I used to me a GM tech and was a service manager for 10 years but a fuel pressure tester is not one of the tools I still have.

A few questions I have are, how does the system work? Considering its for cold warm up mostly there must be a temp sensor that tells it the engine is cold. Is this something I should be checking and also considering it functions with WOT is there a controler that reads the signals from the temp and vac sensor and tells the warm-up compensator what to do.

There is one thing that I noticed and not sure what it means but when I pull the vac line off the car thats running properly the idle increases, when I pull it off the car that's not running right the idle decreases and the car stumbles...

Sorry to be a pain but where I live there is only one benz dealer and not only didn't they know my 300SL has a 5 speed they've never seen a 6.9 or want to.


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