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I am hooking the test gauge up to where I disconnected the line going to the tranny. It is the round blue thing (I think called the proportioning valve on this model) mounted on the drivers side fender. Anyway, after trying it again
I have observed the following:

a) Idle with no adj. of injection vacuum controller lever = approximately 16.5" Hg.

b) Pull the lever up on the fuel injection vacuum controller and it drops to 9" Hg - this is as low as it goes. If this is supposed to go to 0" then this could possibly be the cause of my poor shifting performance. Doesn't look like it will be much trouble to replace.

How does the round blue thing on the drivers side fender fail and what is the correct name?

Testing has ended for this weekend because I accidently broke the fitting off of the brake booster vacuum check valve - durn.

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