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Those are amazing prices. Today, near Denver, I paid $1.729
for premium gasoline at Costco. Elsewhere, the price was up to $1.86.
I run premium from Costco and mid-grade everywhere
else. When you burn as much as I do, you look to save every
penny. (Not really, but nearly.) I am looking for a diesel too.
I had no idea that the 300 series was that good on fuel. I
was actually considering a 190D from the early 80's. Our
family needs a good economical car to go along with the 560SEL.
Not that our gas car is bad at nearly 19mpg, but it will cost
a lot if prices go way up. At today's prices, the 190D 2.2 is
within reach, but maybe I will consider a car like yours, Rick.
You certainly have better looks and safety going for your model.
1967 250SL
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