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Mark Jeselnik
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I got the door panel off this week-end. The instructions on AllData's site are accurate (just a bit vague), as with the knob removal. I tried everyone's suggestions with no luck (I didn't want to put any more pressure on it than I was). So, I left it until the last hoping that I would get a clue as to how to get it off, when actually trying to remove the door panel. Well...the pressure of the loose panel against the knob popped it right off! The knob has a long shaft off the back of it with 2 notched prongs at the end that snap into a slot. If you could actually get a grip on the knob, it would probably simply pull off (with some considerable pressure). I guess the suggestion of inserting a screw driver into the back for leverage makes sense now. Anyway all done with this project. Thanks for the help! PS-Gil I was also told that the CD-ROM would be released at the end of production. Oh, I don't need instructions on wood console removal, but thanks.
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