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I've just bought a 1993 E500. The car is in excellent condition throughout,
but there are a few things I am not sure about. The car came with an alarm
fob - a little black thing with two buttons and Mercedes sign and the light.

Also, from the documents that I received I concluded that the car had the
original Mercedes alarm. I found a red siren in the engine compartment, but
I'm not sure how to enable it. On the key fob I have a very small key
(barrel like similar to some of the bike U-locks.)

Second question:
The temperature gauge indicates 50 degrees. It can't be normal. I wonder
whether the thermostat has gone and how to fit a new one. Does the low
temperature affect the running / reliability of the engine?

Martin Wollny
1972 280SE 3.5
1979 230
1993 E500

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