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I have solved the problem.
It was the OVP.

This is how i solved it.
I measured the EHA and i got a value of 20 ohms which looked okay to me ,It┤s a coil so it is not the perfect measurement but since i measured from the ecu connector i also had the cables checked.
I dismounted the ECU and the OVP and i was going to open up the ECU but i had forgotten the proper tools.(torx)
I the had a closer look at the OVP and since i am very good at electronics i disassembled it and found out that it had a lot of bad soldering points.
I re-soldered the whole unit and put it back on place.
That's it.
I got another bonus as well ,my A/C started to work.
I would strongly suggest people who have got a car which have a few years to replace the OVP.
The soldering inside the OVP was awfully.

Pelle 300E 4M -89
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