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pressure readings are as follows

I "teed" into the line going from the vacuum amplifier to the tranny and took if for a test drive. Numbers are as follows:

I can touch the throttle and I see an immediate drop from around 15-16" Hg to aproximately 10. I continue to floor it and the pressure will drop down to around 6.5"Hg and this is as low as it goes. Just cruising along at around 60 mph I am showing around 16"Hg.

I jury rigged the brake booster vacuum line check valve nozzle to allow me to continue the test. I will run the test again after I replace this item. I do seem to recall maybe "cleaning" this line out early on.

I have already tested the injection pump vacuum control and posted the results here.

Based on this being the first vacuum system control I have tried to troubleshoot I suspect it is the vacuum amplifier.

'85 300D
'95 E320
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