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5-6lbs and I have the same problem now with a new pan and gasket. I have changed the gasket about 4x. However, I used a torque wrench and have dropped the pan about 10 times now. I have 6 bolts all the same and have used various methods like washers and cannot seem to make the minor leak stop. It is happening on the passenger side in between bolts. I also noticed it mostly happens overnight when the tran fluid flows back down to the pan. When, I check fluid level. It is over the fluid line way past the max. line but, when I warm up the car and drive it It goes down and and is at the min. level. I checked some of the vacuum lines to see what is causing all this. The primary pump O-ring was changed also. So, the leak isn't above the trans pan. It is definitely coming from the pan and stops leaking for a day if, I put a new pan gasket in but, the leak comes back after that. Still cannot figure it out after more than a month. Can anyone suggest anything please?
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