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Originally posted by s60
I have 6 bolts all the same and have used various methods like washers and cannot seem to make the minor leak stop. It is happening on the passenger side in between bolts. I also noticed it mostly happens overnight when the tran fluid flows back down to the pan. It is definitely coming from the pan and stops leaking for a day if, I put a new pan gasket in but, the leak comes back after that. Still cannot figure it out after more than a month. Can anyone suggest anything please?

Have you noticed that the new seal doesn't exactly seem to fit? I did, and to beat it I lay the new seal in the sun for a little bit to warm it up. Then I kinda massage the seal, stretching it slightly till it fits the pan. Now you have to work fast, before the seal returns to it's packaged size, get the pan in place and hold it there with one hand pressing up with constant pressure. Now with the free hand put in all the bolts as far as you can turn them. Snug them evenly and torque.

I don't know if your pan is supposed to have the "wings" or not. Hopefully someone else here knows.
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