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Yes, I know what you are talking about. It may have been an issue before but, this time with the new pan. I don't have that problem with the new gasket. The parts guy put the gasket on before I go it and it fit just right. I even let him examine it and he said he couldn't see anything wrong with the new pan and gasket. He works on his own 560SEL and have known him for about a decade. So, I know that he knows what he is talking about when, it comes to parts. I have tried using washers b/c, of your post though the bolts already have washers on them. I use a bigger one on for the two bolts on either side of the middle of pan and one at the corner. In other words, I used bigger washers on 3 bolts not, just two. Two on where the bolts where the leak is and one on the other side of the pan. I will take off the wahser on the other side since, I have no problem over there. I did this reading, your post. It should have the same effect as your wing-nut theory I would figure.

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