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I'd Do That Over...

Whenever you drill into painted or chrome plated sheetmetal to attach something, you should put silicone RTV sealant into the holes before attaching bolts or rivets to prevent the formation of rust. Also make sure you have used a backing washer behind the rivet. I think that it may not be the best way to go anyway, depending upon the weight of the plate, as it could in time create stress fractures in the body or the bumper. Just a thought for anyone going to do a custom mod...

But it sure looks "Euro". Maybe Steve can tell us Amerikanishers if there is any significance to the plate numbers and letters. I know when I lived in Colorado, you could tell what county the car was registered in by the letter prefixes. Perhaps the same is true in Deutschland?

Also, if you place the HTML image code in front of your photopoint URL, and after it, we will see your car photo instead of just the link to it....

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