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450slc fan speed

Dropped in to see my electrician and asked him your model specific. He's adamant it should not work on "0" that should be off. He said Volvo's were the only vehicle that had a constant fan on. Claimed your switch is obviously getting power with the ignition on, despite switch being on zero. You should have four speeds only. Said switch would not be the problem and that power is coming from another source. Test light and locate additional power source and eliminate it! He said it would not cause a problem leaving it on, just the annoyance of knowing it an't right. He said sounds like power is being bridged from another switch. He said from his experience, the krauts are fairly conservative with wiring and colour coding and nothing much has changed in colour coding with our vintage cars. Maybe find that green wire and see if it's lurking in amongst the wiring and vacume tubes and is the one causing you the grief.
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