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Hey there Martin congrats on your new purchase,
If its a 1993 prduction dates 12/92 up considered 500E.
9/93>considered E500 new hood and light assemblies.
I recently just purchased my 1993 500E.

for you 1st question

Mercedes benz did not make some kinda of after market or factroy alarm with a remote. Just blade keys. So what you have is an aftermarket unit/with a constantly blinking led>I take it. The blade key the small one is called a wallet key. Then if you have one with a red dot/that key tells you it has a factory alarm a valet key is one that is just black in color.

For you temp gauge. I believe The temp guage sensor could be bad. The problem with mine is it runs too damn hot.
I think your temp sensor is Bad. Its rare the guages go bad they do but not often. As being a factory tech for all these years I cant say I have replaced many plus the temp sensor is cheap to replace.
Do you have any pics of your 500E?

Factory Certified Tech 13 yrs
Southern calif Mercedes Benz dealers
1993 500E 85K pearl black

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