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Johnson Chan
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The first aid kit is JUNK!

First of all, it IS ok for small cuts and so forth, but if it was an automobile accident I do not think it has enough stuff in it. I added some latex gloves, scapel, Lortabs/Vicodin and all sorts of other stuff.

But more importantly, the stuff in there does not last long at all. I just had my first aid kit replaced a little over a year ago because all the stuff in there was no good anymore (no good meaning the bandaids dont stick, the cream dried up, the tape doesnt stick, etc.). And when I had to use it, the bandaids dont stick. The bandaid kept trying to fall off my finger and since I was in a convention, i couldnt replace it that easily.

I think this is due to its location (in the rear shelf) and heat getting on it. In the summer time it does get pretty hot and with sun shining on it all day for a while I am sure its not going to be too adhesive.

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